Genius PenPal (Beta)
Capture moments, record stories.
Ideas at hand
Inspiration, notes, diary, any interesting fragments, put on PenPal with a Pen. Natural and smooth, let your creativity flow.
Capture moments in your words
An inspiring web content, an interesting experience from friends or a beautiful photo, share them into PenPal. More importantly, add some words to create magic moments.
Communicate seamlessly
Sign a paper, add comments to PDF documents, give kids a star for homework and more. PenPal makes the communication greatly effective.
Keep it simple and easy
Todo list, meeting minutes, music melody, you name it! Capture, record and share, PenPal make it so easy.
Experience PenPal with all these devices
PenPal (Beta) is available with both Android and iOS version
More convenient and smooth with Genius Pen